Director of Intent

July 2, 2009

The Weight of Weight

Over the past five years, I've been telling myself that gravity was increasing, pulling me down at a rate incrementally faster than 9.8 m/s^2. A gravitational constant that was no longer a constant.

My theory was based on experiments with a general weight scale. What else could explain my weight popping over the two hundred mark, let alone over two hundred ten? Yes, the core of the Earth had become slightly more dense, and in the process, the scale was shifting accordingly. The fact that my jeans were no longer fitting clued me in to something else; Moving forward, maybe I needed to come up with another hypothesis. Growing up skinny, and being a vegetarian for six years of early adulthood, I never even had to think twice about any of this. It was a given that if I ever gained weight, it would be gone by the next time I stepped on the scale. That just wasn't happening any more, and there are a few reasons to be sure. Copious amounts of beer. Lots of cooking with fats of all kind: Butter, bacon, oils. Disregard for how much I was eating in a day. Eating most of my calories between 6 PM and midnight. Less exercise. It adds up.

Between aging, a wife and kiddo, and a general dislike of clothes shopping, I have kind of realized that paying attention to these things might not be a bad idea. I've been proactively monitoring the ratios of macro- and micronutrients I shove in my face, keeping tabs on my activity levels, and just trying to learn from my own body. It's working. Twenty-four pounds lost in nine months thus far. Hell, nearly ten pounds in the past month since I started watching the numbers. No sacrifice from carbs or whatever else is the nutritional victim of the month. I still eat some pretty shitty things once in a while. I'm not running five miles per day. Beer is not outlawed.

Not a bad alternative to redefining the law of gravity.