Director of Intent

February 20, 2010

Digital Media v. Natural Media

I grew up a Nintendo junkie. Alone or with friends, I could file hours away in front of the TV as the pixels scrolled from side to side. Before that, I learned how to compute on a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. Countless hours trying to make BASIC roll dice.

I also spent an inordinate amount of time outdoors. Time reading. Time playing.

With my own child, I am already neck-deep in an internal battle about his immersion and consumption of digital culture. At nearly a year and a half old, he has an uncanny ability to manipulate remote controls and rearrange the desktop on my computer screen. He knows how to work a digital camera. He has something of a handle on how to play games on the Wii. He's no stranger to the television being on (typically as white noise).

Am I worried about having to pump him full of Aderall one day because I let him stare at the screen for a few minutes longer than I should have?

He has an amazing zest for books. His problem-solving tendencies astound me. His creativity expressed in blocks or chalk is awesome. 

He met his first snake today as we trekked down to the local creek. He was furious with me for holding him when we were at the water's edge, as he wanted to explore. He ran. He fell. He climbed. He splashed in the cold water. Blades of grass and woody shrubs were no match for his piqued interests.

These are the reasons I'm not worried.